Monday, June 20, 2011


Recently my husband gave me an unexpected compliment:

“I like reading your writing. You should write more”

Now I can only image to which writing he was referencing. My most recent writing endeavors were composed in APA format and submitted for a grade (incidentally, if you find I start blogging with one inch margins and include a reference page, you'll understand why).

Perhaps he was referring to the love notes I so politely leave for him:

You're awesome. Please bring the kitty litter in the house since I'm too lazy to carry that 50lb box into the basement. Thanks
<3 Lolo”

If that's the case, he must have been talking about my hand-writing, not my eloquent prose. Although who doesn't appreciate a good note about kitty litter every once in a while?

Whatever the reason was, he told me to blog. I told him there are not many things I have to talk about, but maybe I could think of a few: things I'm excited about (dark chocolate!), things I'm passionate about (NFL lockout?!?), things I'm afraid of (sinkholes), or maybe things that are just plain silly (did you know aliens gave Moses the ten commandments?). So, we'll see what kind of ridiculous comments I have to make about life in general. I feel we'll find my writings to be blissfully boring and extraordinarily mediocre.

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  1. As a matter of fact, yes I did know that aliens gave Moses the 10 commandments. Did you know that the description of some crazy thing in Daniel is a space ship?