Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Now that's ambitious

When you were a kid, you had a dream job, right? All kids want to grow up to be something amazing. A vet, a doctor, a rocket scientist. My ambition was a little nontraditional, and I have to say I'm moderately jealous of my brother: he gets to wear a costume to work. I don't mean a uniform, I mean a straight-up costume. I wanted to be Chuck E. Cheese, or a professional sports team's mascot; anything where I could where a costume and a big fake head.

I was an odd child.

I admit, my brother hasn't exactly stolen my childhood dream. He wears period clothing at his job at the Henry Ford. No large foam heads involved. However, it is far closer than I've gotten. I think they might frown upon a nurse showing up at work with a giant tiger head attached (although some days I feel like that might be beneficial).

I just hope no one in my family beats me to my new ambition: shooting a hand gun, and driving a motorcycle. Preferably simultaneously.

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  1. Did you hear that he might get to be Sir Topham Hatt this summer???