Wednesday, August 3, 2011

There's finally a party in my tummy!

Let me tell you about what a deprived childhood I had.

1: There are so many foods I didn't know you could cook at home until I was an adult! For example: meatballs. I was convinced meatballs came in a bag from the freezer, and that you microwaved them in some CorningWare. I hadn't the slightest clue that it was humanly possible to take ground beef, mix it up in a bowl with some spices, and actually roll them with my hands to make a scrumptious meal!

2: Fruit is a fantastic and easy treat at any time of the day. That's right, I did not eat fresh fruit as a child. I vaguely remember eating an apple or two, and maybe having some watermelon in the summer, but aside from that, my belly was neglected.

3: The juicy deliciousness of a tender chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing never met my lips until my 20s. Why, Mother, did you never soak meats for 24 hours before grilling them for our family?! It's a mighty shame I had to eat only moderately moist chicken for so many years.

Don't worry, Mom. I don't blame you for disregarding my taste buds. Considering the only things I feel I missed out on in my childhood relate to my diet, you must have done a pretty good job raising me.

After all, you did give me the opportunity to practice my fashion, make-up and nail polish skills on my four younger brothers.

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