Friday, August 26, 2011

Danger: tears of laughter

Sometimes I get emotional about unusual things. I'm telling you, tears can straight up flow like a river from these lacrimal glands. Let me know if you share some of my oddities.

For example: I cry when someone wins a major sporting event. The Super Bowl? I can't handle it. When Drew Brees held his baby up after winning? Someone please, give me a tissue. It's a little embarrassing because I feel pretty tough for loving football as much as I do, then I break down like a baby.


One time I saw a commercial for a Disney movie and just lost it. I still haven't seen the movie it was advertising, but apparently it seemed quite moving in the preview.

And it's not just emotional moments like watching sports' championships on the television. If you get me laughing hard enough my eyes start leaking so bad I can't see (in fact, I sometimes worry my eyes won't be the only thing leaking...)

Just this past week I read the newspaper (who knew those even existed anymore??) and saw a headline that caught my eye. Maybe it's not as funny to other people as I think it is, but I certainly appreciated the fiends who hacked into an Arizona construction sign to warn commuters of the danger of vicious pandas in the neighborhood.

Good times, Arizonians... good times.

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