Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keep Christ in Christmas, and Christmas in December... and January.

Join my campaign to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

You might be thinking, "What are you talking about, Lolo? I see Christmas spirit everywhere!!"

It's true. Some folks have taken to the ostentatious display of Christmas paraphernalia so early in the year, but I see it as an affront to true Christmas values.

We're so hopped up on tinsel and good-tidings starting with the serenade of  "All I Want for Christmas is You" in mid-October, that when the Holiday finally arrives we're feeling a bit bah-humbuggish.

So please, join me in my temporary Grinchitude until the season truly starts: December 25th.

Don't worry, if you feel that's too long to wait, we Polaks and Polkas like to celebrate the Christmas season from the Wigilia to Candlemas to make up for lost time!

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